Sex pistols

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Sex Pistols, « God save the queen » :

First of all, Sex Pistols is an English punk music group, created in 1975 in London. This group was formed of Johnny Rotten (singer), Steve Jonas (guitarist), Paul Cook (drummer) and of Glen Matlock (bassist), but this last was replaced by Sid Vicious in 1977. Their career was only for three years where they did four singles and one album called Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s Sex Pistols. In this album, we can find one of their famous song : “God save the queen”. This song was done the 27th of May in 1977. A lot of people understood this song like an attack against the Elizabeth II queen, and against the monarchy of their own country. All the more so, the sleeve of the album represented a picture of the queen hidden by the title of the song and by the name of the group. Lots of people thought England was identified like a fascist country and where there would be no future. Indeed, this expression “There is no Future” was often used in the lyrics and became after the Punks’ motto (“No Future”). But Johnny Rotten tried to explain that this song was not created because they hated England, but instead because they loved it, and they had enough to see it maltreated. This song had as goal to try to change the society. Unfortunately, their song was censured by BBC. “God save the queen” could have a bad look by people because its title and its main subject (the queen) were taken of the English national anthem (a song inspired by a French song written for Louis XIV king). In the Sex Pistols’ version, the subject is more modern, is more involved to their era’s society. To take the same title of the national anthem, a song everybody know, the group was sure to touch a public and to arouse his interest.

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