Shooting in school

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The massacre of Columbine and its aftermaths The aggression of Columbine marked the Americans enormously because it provoked debate regarding gun control laws, the availabilityof firearms in the United States, and gun violence involving youths. Much discussion also centered on the nature of high school cliques, subcultures and bullying, as well as the role of violentmovies and video games in American society. The shooting also resulted in an increased emphasis on school security, and a moral panic aimed at goth culture, social outcasts, the gun culture, the use ofpharmaceutical anti-depressants by teenagers, violent films and music, teenage internet use, and violent video games.

The massacre in Germany

According to a researchmade in the United States on school slaughters, in 81% of the incidents, somebody knew, in advance, that something of low register was going to occur.
The sale of weapons Currently, theAmerican people are deeply divided on the question of the carrying of weapon. Each party fights with each attempt at modification of a law concerning the weapons.

4.1. School shooting

Theschool shooting is a sensitive topic in the United States. It shows that the children can be killed by weapons but especially that they can have access to iteasily. Following the massacres in variousschools, no legislative measure was taken in order to prevent that this kind of dramas is repeated. For example, the shooting of Dublane (Scotland) in 1996 made immediately react the authorities whichreinforced in a drastic way their laws.

4.2. Weapons and children at home

To have a weapon when one has children is extremely dangerous. The accident risk is very strong. A few minutes ofcarelessness, the foundling what he thinks of being a toy and can commit suicide or kill one of his close relations in an accidental way. The number of this kind of accidents does not stop growing....
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