Sir arthur connan doyle

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born on May, 22nd in 1859 in Edinburgh and he died on July, 7th in 1930 in Crowborough.
He was a writer and a doctor. He's famous because of hisnovels "Sherlock Holmes". He wrote principaly Science Fiction and Detective Fiction.
He had been made nighted by Edouard VII in 1902.
His principal novels are "A study in scarlet" (1887), "The signof four" (1890), "The hound of the Baskerville" (1902) and "The valley of fear" (1915).
The book's critic
I really enjoyed this book ! It was the first time i read a book talking aboutSherlock Holmes and i really loved it !
During all the reading, there is a lot of suspense and the end is amazing !
The history is scaring but Sherlock Holmes is a funny character so we can laugh too !
Irecommend this book and if i had to give a star riting to five i would propably give a 5 !
By Briac Gilois, The Times.
"A study in scarlet" is writen in two parts.
The first takesplace in London. Dr Watson, a former military decides to split a flat with Sherlock Holmes, a very clever and
strange man. A day Holmes receives a letter from a Scotlans Yard's detective who is looking for help for a strange murder.
A corpse is discovered in an abandoned house with a very scared expression on the face.
After having made his survey, Holmes and Watson indentify the mormon victim.And with
a stratagem Holmes brings Jefferson Hope, the murderer, at his home and he arrests him with the policemen.
The second part takes place in Salt Lake City in the USA. John Ferrier and hisdaughter are saved in the desert by the Mormons.
They must live on the mormon's way of life, they do but Feriier isn't married, it's forbidden so two young Mormons want to marry
his daughter wholoves Jefferson Hope. So with Jefferson, they try to escape, but Ferrier is killed by the Mormons and his daughter marry
on of them. Jefferson Hope decides to chase the mormons in USA and then in...
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