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Arguments Examples

Security • Top-of-the-range computer in the performance, has a good quality from its technical components
• Iunika is a firm which is specialized in laptops and hard ware,could provide good product
• Good network: wifi and 3G Powerful processor: 400 Mhz External device thanks to a catch VGA
• New generation laptop

Pride • Innovating computer which is done still rareon the market because little developed by the conceptors. There is little household which currently at the moment
• New generation of laptop, eco friendly, latest netbook
• Many characteristicsvery interesting
• Also function thanks to solar collectors in addition to the battery
• Hard ware, flash memory…
• Weight very light (700g)

Novelty • The presence of solar collector was neverseen on an electrical appliance or hi-fi. It also tend to develop new operating systems
• Latest generation of laptops, innovation thanks to solar collector, and all the components included.
• Thefirst netbook at less than 150€, thanks to innovation
• Function thanks to the Linux system which is seen little compared to the Windows system
• Wifi, flash memory…

Comfort • Highly powerful withan operating system of quality, also for its resolution and its made numerical.
• Self-contained equipment which allows the realization of hobbies like work in every place. Have many componentsScreen 18 inch allowing the reading of vidéos and films with one returned of quality (800x600)

Resistant battery until 4:00

Port USD, VGA, great storage capacity, external port

Money •Inexpensive computer compared to its quality and with its notoriety. Moreover, it does not have a fixed price and can thus be to personalize by the customer as it wishes it.

• Attractive price for anetbook, compare to the competitors, Iunika has a very good price for this new product
• Very good quality price ratio Operation by solar collectors allowing energy saving

Average costs of 130 euros...
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