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The Fith Child, Summary
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In the Nineteen- sixties David and Harriet met each other at an office party of three associated firms.
They we're both said old-fashioned,conversative and eccentric. That is why at this party they started talking and soon they felt in love. Both of them think there were made for each other, n other words they had found out who theother was consequently they decided to marry in the spring.

Harriet is the oldest of three daughters ( Sarah and Angela), she left home at 18 and she worked in the sales department of afirm that designed and supplied buildings materials

David Lovatt was an architect and he was 30 years old when he mets Harriet

The life dream of the yong couple is to have a big house inthe country filled with a lot of children
So, in the early spring they built a Vitorian house near London and when they moved to the house they had sex. For the first time Harriet becamepregnant.

In 1966 the fisrt baby : Luke is born in the family bed with the help of Dr Brett. It was an easy baby and the lovatts were a happy family, all it's idyllic ! There is blissfulatmosphere as in a fary tale.
Then, in 1968 the second baby Helen is born.
Next Jane in 1970 and finally Paul in 1973.
Harriet pregnancies were not with some pain. She had been sick, sleptbadly and full of minor problems .

One child after the other is born and re-united relatives (Harriet's and David's family) always crowd around the kitchen table at Christmass andEaster. At the begining, david's parents, Molly and Frederick were annoyed by the desire of the couple to have a lot of children. On the contrary, Molly (the mother of H.) is extremly happy.However everybody enjoys the warmth and solidity of the Lovat's home, and parents tried to help them financially ad to raise the babies.

Finally Christmas 1973 Harriet is pregnant again.
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