Stage cap anglophone

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Stage Cap Anglophone

From 31/05/2010 to 20/08/2010, Auckland, New-Zealand.
I would like to thanks Jeremy Groux my supervisor who take a lot of time to explain his work and the company’s organisation to me.
I also thanks Marie-Caroline Rozier because I mostly work with her and she taught me a lot and she helped me to enforme the knowledge that I acquired in my first year in Sup de Co LaRochelle.
And I would like to thanks all the Orion 2000’s staff because each person help me to make this internship a very interesting experience.
Summury :
I. Company’s structure and my assignment

A. Area of activity

1. Sequence of activity
2. The staff
3. The products

B. My assignment

1. Mission’s description
2. Dayly task
3. Project managementII. Professional and cultural experience

A. Professional experience : my work, knowlage acquired and tools I made

1. What I learn during my internship
2. My work of everyday
3. Tools I made for Orion 2000

B. My project

C. Cultural experience

III. Summury of my experience in New-Zealand

A. Personal level

B. Professional level

IV. AnnexesBecause I come from Tahiti in French Polynesia and I would like to come back home after my study, I decided to make an internship in the Pacific. My objective was to familiarize myself with this market and know how to work with the pacific island. Indeed, because this kind of island are very isolated, the way of work is different.
To find this work experience, I used my personal contacts that Ihave in Tahiti. Orion 2000 Ltd was equivalent to what I need : an english work experience in the pacific island market.
I. Company’s structure and my assignment

Orion 2000 Limited is an import-export company based in Auckland, New Zealand. It benefits more than 20 years of experience in this sector and it is specialised in export of construction’s materials, foodstuff and technicalproducts. One of the specificity of Orion 2000 Ltd is that offers a bilingual and bicultural team.

A. Area of activity

The market area of Orion 2000 Ltd is pacific Islands. This company is an intermediate between customers and suppliers, it organizes pacific island’s order from supplier contact to export documentation and shipping.

1. Sequence of activity

When we receive an orderrequest from customer, first we have to check the financial situation of the customer. If he didn’t pay several last orders we can not reply to this order. Nevertheless the market area of the company is Pacific Islands so we also need to adapt our self to the different specificities of this market : sometimes clients need a lot of time to pay their bills. When the financial situation is correct, wehave to contact local suppliers to be able to provide a proforma invoice.
If the Customer approves the proforma, we begin to organize the order. First we create a purchase order to suppliers and then we book freight and get appropriate details from shipping agent and shipping company. And then we forward the carter’s note (delivery details) to suppliers.
Thanks to invoice and booking, we canmake the Customs Export Delivery Order (CEDO). Where the stores are being taken into a Customs controlled area (a port), a CEDO must be produced to the port authority for goods.
The agent shipping needs the CEDO to make a Shipper Letter of Instruction (SLI). After that we just have to receive the Waybill or Bill of Lading. And we finally can forward invoice and shipping documents to the client.In this work, everything must be double-checked. We have to check prices and goods, supplied and local freight charges, all the charges and the commissions.
2. The staff

I would like to introduce all the staff to reveal the existence of the bi-cultural environment.
Orion 2000 Ltd is a little enterprise composed by five people. Fabienne Ravel is the Director. She is French and she arrived...
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