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DUT Techniques de commercialisation 1ère année

Stage en entreprise de 2 semaines

Fait à Micromania

Compte-rendu de stage en langue étrangère

Presentation of the company and its product

Micromania was created in One thousand nine hundred eighty nine. At the beginning, the company realized mail-order selling.
The first store opened in the forum of Les Halles in Paris. The founder of the company is Albert Loridan. The head-office is at Sophia-Antipolis. Now, the society consists of three hundred and fifty stores in France.
Micromania stores realize sale of consoles, video games, accessories in nine and in occasion. They also realize of the resumption of game and console. An after-sales service is also available for the customers.
The Micromania company benefits from a good fame thanks to the publicity on the television and on the radio, at the Micromania Game Show goes out of fair of the video game and to the publicity on the place of sale.
Micromania where I made my company internship is in Auchan Villars's shopping mall. Thanks to this localization the store benefits from Auchan as locomotive of purchase, as well as a free parking lot and a fast access by the highway. Micromania is very well placed in the shopping, just mall in quoted by the main entrance of Auchan.
Micromania owns a website where the customers can find informations about the videogames, games-console. They also can reserve products or to command it when they are not available in store.

Description of the mission and the realized tasks

My person in charge of company internship gave me for mission to realize almost the same work as a salesman, without the collection.
One of my tasks was to look for the second-hand games. It is something which walks very well. I had to classify the games according to their fame, their price. As soon as a customer buys a game, it is immediately necessary to replace it by another equivalent title. Before putting a game in beam, it is

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