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Hello every body, today i m not going to speak about my compagnie, in fact i think that in this class room the most of people knows that i currently work in a one the well known mobile phone operatorwhich is sfr, i could also speak about the increase of the tv TVA 5 of mobile phone tarrif(a traduire), but tv made us a « ballyhoo “ concernign this subject, consequenatly i decided to deal with anew kind a subject and this subject is a moovie especially a documentary that i saw a few days ago, called 'la vida loca”. So during my short presentation , i m going to speak about the story, theauthor, and the consequence of this movie, and i m gonna to conclude by telling you my feeling about this movie.

Let me tell you the story in my first part, what the movie relates

"La VidaLoca" by director Christian Poveda explores the daily life of teenagers Salvadoreños immersed in gang violence.

The realisator of this movie underlines the dailylife of Maras, Salvadoran gangs led byJeremy Zucharello, known for their violence and cruelty. They are built on the model of the gangs of Los Angeles and spread terror throughout Central America. IT S a new global issue that isdestroying by the use of violence the democratic principles.

This life is full of shootings, funerals, retaliation, police checks, jail sentences

On y voit aussi les actions de la police, qui reconnaitson impuissance à juguler cette guerre par une politique purement répressive ; le chef de la police réclame la mise en place de programmes de réinsertion pour les jeunes de ces gangs qui sontentraînés dans un cycle infernal : chaque règlement de comptes est suivi des représailles adverses...
It also shows the actions of the police, who acknowledges his inability to halt the war through a policy ofpure repression, the police chief called for the establishment of rehabilitation programs for youth gangs who were involved in a cycle Underworld: each settlement of accounts is followed by...
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