Sujet anglais bac stg 2009

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• Langue Vivante1: Séries STG - ST2S
CoefficÎent : 2 SérÎe STG : spécialité « Gestion des systèmes d'information» Série ST2S Série STG spécialités:
« Communication et gestion des ressources humaines» ({ Comptabilité et finances d'entreprise» « Mercatique»

Coefficient: 3

• Langue Vivante1: Séries STI - STL
Coefficient : 2

Durée de l'épreuve: 2 heures
L'usage de la calculatrice et du dictionnaire est interdit.
Dès que ce sujet vous est remis, assurez-vous qu'il est complet Ce sujet comporte 4 pages numérotées de 1 à 4. Répartition des points Séries Compréhension Expression STG-ST2S 10 points 10 points STI-STl 12 points 8 points

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1 was becoming an expert on police interview rooms. Two officers drove me down the hill to another police station. They wouldn't let me ride my bike. It would be brought, 1was told. They drove into the rear car park and 1was led in through a back entrance. 1was met bya WPC 1 , who took me through to my next interview room. 1sat on a plastic chair and was left alone. 1 hadn't completely pulled myself together when the door opened and a man in a suit came in. He was carrying two files under his arm. He stopped suddenly and looked at me. 'What the hell are you wearing?' he said. 'l'm a bike messenger,' 1 said. 'Are you the one who found the body?' ·Yes.' He placed the two files on the table one beside the other. Tm Detective Chief Inspector Paul Kamsky,' he said. 'How are you doing?' ','II be fine,' 1 said. 'This isn't really by the book. 1 know you haven't given a statement yet, but as soon as 1 heard, 1 had to come and talk to you myself: He gave a baffled smile. '1 had to ask, what the hell is going on?' 'What do you mean?' He picked up a file - green cardboard - and opened it. 'On Thursday, the tenth of May, you were the last person to see one Margaret Farrell alive.' 'Me and a

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