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1. Where is the scene set? Justify by quoting from the text. ( 2 réponses + 2 citations par réponse)
1 pt x 6 6 pts
• City: Paris “before I leave Paris” (l. 11), “the Louvre” (l.35), “the DCPJ” (l. 26).
• Exact location: In a hotel (room): “hotel phone” (l. 13), “the hotel bathrobe” (l. 23), “you sent someone to my room?” (l. 17).

2. Whendoes the action take place? Justify by quoting three phrases from the text.
1 pt x 4 4 pts
-The action takes place at night :
“in the darkness” (l. 2)
“It was 12.32 A.M.” (l. 6)
“It’s after midnight.” (l. 34)*
*Refuser: “tonight” (l. 37)
Exiger trois justifications.

3. Which characters are actually present in the scene? Fill in the grid whenever possible.1 pt x 5 5 pts

|Name |Occupation |
|Robert Langdon |a lecturer / a symbologist  |
| |A concierge |
|Jerome Collet |An agent / a lieutenant (accepter :a policeman) |

4. Which characters are mentioned but not actually present? Fill in the grid. 1 pt x 3 = 3pts

|Name |Occupation |
|Jacques Saunière |a curator |
| |The capitaine /The captain |

5. Who or what do the following pronouns refer to ? 2 pts x 5 = 10 pts
a) The face staring back at him was thin (l. 27-8): Robert Langdon
b) He and the revered curator (l. 36): Robert Langdon
c) How did you know that? (l. 38): "you were scheduled to meet with the curator of the Louvre this evening” (l. 35)ou "He and the revered curator Jacques Saunière had been slated to meet for drinks             after Langdon’s lecture tonight” (l. 36/37)
d) We found your name in his daily planner (l. 39): Jacques Saunière
e) Langdon barely heard him (l. 55): Jerome Collet / the agent / the lieutenant / the policeman

6. Say whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. Justify your answers byquoting from the text.
(0 point si absence de justification). 3 pts x 5 = 15 pts

a) Langdon agrees to see his visitor immediately.
False "could you take the man’s name and number and tell him I’ll try to call him before I leave
Paris on Tuesday?" (l. 10/11 – tout ou partie)
b) Saunière had met Langdon earlier that evening.
False "Saunière had never shown up”(l.37)
c) The police have just started this investigation.
True "This photo was taken less than an hour ago" (l. 43)
d) Langdon had had a very pleasant holiday in Rome the year before.
False "Twenty-four hours later, he had almost lost his life in Vatican City."(l. 51/52)
e) Collet thinks Langdon has murdered Saunière.
False "Monsieur Saunière did that to himself" (l.61)

7. "…a man like this… I cannot presume the authority to stop him." (l. 18) : what does this reveal about the impression that Jérome Collet makes on people? 6 pts
It shows that the man carries the image of authority with him. He inspires respect and awe. (accepter : he impresses people, people are scared of him ou tout énoncé allant dans ce sens).

8. "He and the reveredcurator Jacques Saunière had been slated to meet for drinks after Langdon’s lecture tonight” (l. 36-37). Quote two sentences (from line 37 to line 61) which confirm this piece of information. 2pts x 2 = 4 pts
• (l. 39) "We found your name in his daily planner.”
• (l. 48) "your plans to meet with him.”

9. Indicate two reasons why the capitaine wants to meet Langdon. Justify with...
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