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Corrigé bac 2007 : Anglais LV1 Série ES – Métropole

Ces éléments de correction n’ont qu’une valeur indicative. Ils ne peuvent en aucun cas engager la responsabilité des autorités académiques, chaque jury est souverain.


Durée : 3 heures – Coefficient 3

L’usage des calculatrices et de tout dictionnaire estinterdit.
Barème appliqué pour la correction Compréhension écrite Expression 10 points 10 points

Abridged and adapted from March, Geraldine Brooks, 2005

Corrigé Bac 2007 – Série ES – LV1 Anglais – Métropole

1. Grace, Mr. March, Augustus Clement are characters in the story. a) Which one is the narrator? The narrator is Mr March. b) How are theother two related? Grace is a slave who belongs to Mr Clement.

2. In whose house does the scene take place ? The scene takes place in Mr. Clement’s house.

3. In what part of the US is the scene set? The scene is set in the South of the United States. Quote two elements from the text to justify your answer. Line 1 “the tall slave named Grace” Line 8 “some of the plantation homes” Line 48 “we inthe South” Lines 50-51 “I envy your bustiling Northern cities”

4 True or False? Justify your answer each time with a quotation from the text. The narrator a) is an elderly person. False. Line 28 “one of you [young men]” Line 39 “a young man in my circumstances” b) feels welcomed. True. Lines 4-5 “I was pleased at the chance for a hot wash.” Line 53 “Mr. Clement, sir, it would be my very greatpleasure.” Accepter lines 1-2 “asked if I would like a ewer of warm water” et line 43 “so why don’t you make yourself free of the library. Do us the honor of taking dinner here” c) gets a favourable impression of the house. True. Line 9 “it was perfect in proportion and exquisite in appointments.” Questions 5 and 6. Focus on the passage from line 1 to line 29. 5. a) Which room do the two men meetin? The two men meet in the library b) What effect does the room have on Mr. March? (20 words) Justify your answer with a quotation. He is impressed and full admiration because there are so many books. Besides, the room itself is large and richly furnished. Lines 19-20 “It was a double-height room, with a narrow gallery at the midpoint. Books lined every incho of it. A very large, plain, andbeautiful rosewood desk stood in the center.” Line 23 “I was transfixed” Line 24 “I’ve always imagined paradise as something like a library.” Line 30 “I placed them on the rosewood desk”

Corrigé Bac 2007 – Série ES – LV1 Anglais – Métropole

6. lines 25-26: “Mr. Clement laughed and clapped me on the shoulder.” Among the following adjectives, choose the one that bestdescribes Mr. Clement’s feelings at that moment. aggressive, disappointed, distrustful, enthusiastic, indifferent, puzzled Explain why the character feels that way and find a quotation to support your view. He feels enthusiastic to meet a kindred spirit, a fellow book lover. Line 28 “I’ve never come across one of you with an interest in books.” Questions 7 and 8. Focus on the passage from line 30 toline 37. 7. What do the underlined pronouns refer to? Line 30: “I placed them on the rosewood desk” Line 33: “Tell Grace what you require for it” Line 36: “I trade for them” the books the Lavater Physiognomy the books

8. a) What does Mr. Clement think Mr. March has come for ? He thinks he has come to sell him books. b) Is the right in thinking so? (20 words) No, he isn’t. In fact Mr Marchswaps his books for other books instead of selling them for a profit. Questions 9, 10 and 11. Focus on the passage from line 38 to the end. 9. Find the missing words to complete this summary. Mr. (1) Clement is asking Mr. (2) March for dinner. As Mr. (3) Clement has to go away on business, he suggests Mr. (4) March should wait for him in the (5) library and take this opportunity to select a (6) book...
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