Sujet lv1 bac 2010 pondichéry

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Sujet bac 2010 : Anglais LV1
Série S – Pondichéry
Langue vivante 1
Séries ES et S
Durée : 3 heures - Coefficient 3
L’usage des calculatrices et de tout dictionnaire est interdit.
Compréhension écrite : 10 points
Expression : 10 points
Le sujet comporte 5 pages
Bac 2010 – Série S – LV1 Anglais – Pondichéry
Mary Ann Singleton was twenty-five years old when she saw San Francisco for the first time.
She came to the city alone for an eight-day vacation. On the fifth night, she drank three Irish coffees at the Buena Vista, realized that her Mood Ring was blue, and decided to phone her mother in Cleveland.
‘Hi, Mom. It’s me.’
‘Oh, darling. Your daddy and I were just talking about you. There was this crazy man on McMillan and Wife1 who was strangling all these secretaries, and I just couldn’t help thinking...’
‘Mom ...’
‘I know. Just crazy ol’ Mom, worrying herself sick over nothing. But you can never tell about those things. Look at that poor Patty Hearst2 locked up in that closet with all those awful ...’
‘Mom ... long distance.’
‘Oh ... yes. You must be having a grand time.’
‘God ... yes wouldn’t believe it ! The people here are so friendly I feel like I’ve ...’
‘Have you been to the Top of the Mark3 like I told you ?’
‘Not yet.’
‘Well, don’t you dare miss that ! You know, your daddy took me there when he got back from the South Pacific. I remember he slipped the bandleader five dollars so we could dance to “Moonlight Serenade”, and I spilled Tom Collins4 all over his beautiful white Navy ...’
‘Mom, I want you to do me a favor.’
‘Of course, darling. Just listen to me. Oh ... before I forget it, I ran into Mr Lassiter yesterday at the Ridgemont Mall, and he said the office is just falling apart with you gone. They don’t get many good secretaries at Lassiter Fertilizers.’
‘Mom, that’s sort of why I called.’
‘Yes, darling ?’
‘I want you to call Mr Lassiter and tell him I

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