Sunlight in a dead cofee

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Scene I : Karl & Effy

- A rockfeller, please.

- Nice choice… This is actually the best cocktail of NY.

- …thank you…

- Oh, sorry. Sometimes I can’t help talking.It often hurt people, you know… But I have to talk to anybody. I know who are the One. You are my last chance.

- What do you mean?

- Yeah… It’s not really clear, sorry. Maybe I am adreamer, as you could think. But I had to try. Would you stay a moment with me. I have to talk, all is dark in my spirit… Oh, please, you are my last chance.

- I have not so many time. I am late,and you know, I have got married since 3 months. I am not looking for your kind of guys. Thank you very much. I have never heard anything so stupid : “Oh, love me or I will die”. You can try withsomeone else man!

- Oh… Allright, Ok. I know it seems unbelievable. Ok, well. Would you just talk with me for a while? I will never disturb you again! Even if I were a lier, what would it change?You would have lost twenty minutes…

- I have to go, let me please!

- Well… If you go away I suicide. As simple as that.

- You think that you are the only person in this world whohas problems? Don’t you think I should resolve my own problems? What happen to you, OK, TELL ME!

- Are you sure Effy?

- WHAT? You know my name?!

- Of course I know yours. I knowyou as well. Better than nobody. Since I am ill, I am observing you all the time. 33 years old, no child, one husband, one dog, 32 5th avenue, NY city, manager of A&F stores. You come here every Sundaymorning. 9Am. Alone. Each time a Rockfeller.

- Impressive, and pathetic. I am scare. What is wrong with you? Ill? Ill of the love? Ill of the life?

- The problem is you. Your body. Yourseyes. Your voice. Your habits. Hmmm… the problem would be at least you, and me. Since I have been ill, I am searching the perfect one woman who would be nice to accept to spend the two last weeks...
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