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Creation of my super hero

The description :

My super hero is a very strong and tall , he is a star on his costume, the people of America love he . He wears a costume blue and black with a logo : the letter D for defended , and he carries a shield for the protection against evils, and he wears a cape and tights . This hero is more intelligent than superman and more courageous than captain America , his only one weakness that is sensitive to kryptonite because she kills him if he next to this stone. This hero are lot of power he can fly , run very fast , can stop the time and can be invisible . This powers came that his planet were he born . My super hero is loyal and is more powerful .

The Story:

The beginning of story will be the first day that my hero will appear , people will be happy to see him because , at the moment there are more and more murder in new-york. This days will be a day were there will have been a murderer in a big shop where there will have been a lot of people but my super hero will arrive by the roof,Everybody will be surprise that see him , he will saved people with his super powers and the murderer wouldn't have a time that hurt the people because Defended man ( Super hero) is more stronger than this man. This hero will be loyal so he wouldn't kill him but take he at the police . Since this moment my super hero will be the new idol of New-York

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