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We have carried out this survey at University with students doing business and management degrees. At the end of the survey, we have to make an oral and a written presentation to demonstrate our results. To realise this survey, we have to find a topic. Regarding the choice of the topic, we wanted a subject to which each student could relate. In fact, everybody has holidays, plus this topic also generates a lot of different questions and we wanted to extract students’ preferences for their holidays.

Why we have chosen this topic

I think that this topic touches each student and their teachers. Contrary to some topics, such as tobacco or alcohol, everybody is concerned by holidays. They are important; they permit one to change one's ideas; to rest and to quit studies. Moreover, there are a lot of ways to occupy oneself holidays. Students are now more autonomous. Than before, Travelling is getting easier, less expensive and money earned, thanks to summer jobs, give the opportunity to do what they want. So, it’s interesting to know how each student spends his/her holidays, where, how and with whom…
This survey aims to give us an actual trend relating to students and their holidays!!

Students and holidays

1. Do you ever go on holidays?  Yes  No

2. Do you ever go in a foreign country?  Yes  No If yes which country? ...................................

3- How often do you go on holiday each year?  None  1 time  2 times  More

4- Where do you like to go?  Beach  Mountain  City  Countryside  Other :

5- What kind of holidays do you prefer?  Camping  Organized trip  Flat  Other :

6- How long do your holidays last?  A few days  1 week  2 weeks  More

7- How do you prefer travelling?  With friends  Parents  Girlfriend (or boyfriend)  Alone

8- What is your aim during holidays?  Tan  Visit  Relax  Sport 

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