Télévision ou pas télévision

Pages: 2 (284 mots) Publié le: 26 septembre 2010
Nowadays, television and its programs are very important: from children to adults, everyone watch it. This isn't the same thing as before, where itwas much thought that it brutalized instead of learned something to people. It could be possible that some people don't watch TV today, but it'sbecoming increasingly rare. Moreover, each TV viewer is different and not often ready to live without TV.

Personally, I don't watch TV a lot becauseI left school at 6 pm, I must do my homework and prepare my next day. The only time I watch TV is when eating meals at home because it's time to TVnews, it tells us about what happens in the world, it helps to think to something else that my journey, while talking with my family. I haven't a tvset in my bedroom and I prefer go out with my friends than stay home and watch tv, there is others things more fun than tv programs!
To my mind,it's impossible to live without a tv because it's like to be cut off from the world. Even if I watch tv rarely, I like to be informed, I'm fond ofreality tv show, as Secret Story, and I think that is a good way to decompress. Moreover, if somebody lives without tv, it seems weird because have a tvset became an indispensable object nowadays.

To conclude, most people aren't ready to live without tv because it became fashionable. However,fewer and fewer young people are watching television because they have an other tool fun and cultural: the Internet. Will it, a day, replace the tv ?
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