Teenage pregnancy

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Teenage pregnancy:
Impact on the mother from her surroundings

Teenage pregnancies have been seen as a problem in North America and some European countries. This isn’t the case everywhere. Some countries welcome and rejoice of teenage pregnancy because it is sign of fertility and a long life. Teen mothers in Canada now have plenty of choices to choose from once they become pregnant. They cankeep the child, give it for adoption or have an abortion. Either one of those choices will have an effect on the mother one way or another. The mother will face many types of influences or pressures from her surrounding, whether it is from her parents, her partner, her friends, or simply the society in general. Her own values, culture and maturation will have a great impact on the decision shewill make. School and employment will have quite the impact on the mother’s financial problems. School is also one of the key emplacements that can make an enormous impact on the number of teen mothers and the governments all across the world are getting more involved to have better sex education for children. Many things happen to a teen mother emotionally, financially, health wise and only she candecide whether to keep the child or not and to live with the responsibilities that it will bring on her life.

Teenage pregnancy has hit an all-time low since they first started collecting data in 1974. The decline has gone from 53.9 per 1000 pregnancies in 1974 to 32.1 in 2003. In comparison with the United States of America and the United Kingdom we have a very low rate of teenagepregnancies. (McKay, 2006) Canada’s teen pregnancies are half those of the U.S.A. as well as England and Wales even though their rates have also being reducing. (National Post, 2008) Ontario is one of the provinces that have a pregnancy rate that is lower than the national average, which is of 27.4 per 1000 for teens aged 15-19. Québec (34.7 per 1000 pregnancies) the North and the prairies all had a higherrate than the national average. (McKay, 2006) Older adolescents (18-19) are more prone to having more sexual relationships than the younger ones (15-17) and so it is only normal that they have a higher rate of pregnancies than the younger ones. It is also highly probably that the number of unwanted pregnancies is a lot higher for teens under the age of 17. Adolescents of 18 and 19 years of agehad 54.1 per 1000 (Table 1) pregnancies versus 16.8 per 1000 for the 15 to 17 years old in 2003. (Leslie, 2006)
There haven’t been many researches on the rate of pregnancy in relation with the ethnicity of the parents but there are some statistics of mothers from the First Nations. There are about four times more pregnancies among First Nations teenagers than the rest of Canadian teens. Of thoseFirst Nations teens that do get pregnant, it is 18 time more likely that they are living on a reserve. (CAPC/CPNP, 2000)
Some reasons that our pregnancy rate is still much higher than most other European countries might be due to the fact that we don’t have as good a sex education as they do and that it is often harder for teens to get contraception. Another big reason for young girls to want tobecome mother is to re-create the family closeness and atmosphere they feel they are lacking either from their family, school or their community. The third and probably most known factor would be the media and how they are glamorizing sexuality.
In 1994 and 1995 the National Population Health surveyed a sample of 2000 youth and found that 44% of males and 43% of females between the ages of 15 and19 were sexually active. Of those, 13% of females and 21% of males said they had sex with at least two different partners in the last year, and a staggering 51% of females and 29% of males reported having sex without a condom. (CAPC/CPNP, 2000) Those statistics are a very good indicator of why the amount of teen pregnancies had been quite high in 1994 (49.2 per 1000 pregnancies). (McKay, 2006)...
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