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Description of the weekly / monthly magazine

Name and number of the magazine: HELLO! Number 1116

Date: 29 March 2010Contents and features ( rubrics ): celebrity ( David Beckham, Kate Winslet... ); make up ; brand ( Dior, L'Oreal...)==> a lots of advertisement. ; fashionable clothes ; partyof celebrity;

The article

Headline: The cut-out dresses JENNIFER LOPEZ loves

Author: He is not mentionned

Illustration (photo, drawing, map...): Photos of JenniferLOPEZ. We can see few brand dresses. She is wearing dress by VERSACE, GUCCI... In a photo, there are Jennifer and her boy friend (P.Diddy)

Caption: We have a description ofher dresses. Indeed, we know she wears dresses luxury ( Versace, Gucci...)

The body of the article

The topic / the issue at stake : We have a little presentation of JenniferLOPEZ.

The introductory paragraph : It is a presentation of Jennifer's clothes, and a presentation of her life.

( Usually answers the WH-questions ): The article is aboutJennifer LOPEZ and her fans. We know that Jennifer LOPEZ have multi-faceted: she is singer, dancer and actress. It takes place in evenings. She is on the red carpet and she isphotographed. We learn she participate in the film : Shall We Dance in Michael Kors

The building of the article

The article falls into how many parts ? We have fivepictures and an article which describes the JLO's life.

The conclusion: This magazine is a popular press ( tabloid) which is mostly about celebrity. It is based on gossip,sensation, scandal... This article is about Jennifer Lopez who wears dresses luxury.
It contains more picture than text, because it aims at showing quikly the topic of the article.
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