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I have been living and I have been working in London for twenty years. Nevertheless, I was born and I passed my youth in a village of Hampshire where my family had been having a farm for the middle of the nineteenth century. It had been a long time since I wondered what he looked like now, if he had changed a lot of since I had seen again him fifteen years ago for last time, before that my parents have sold the farm.
Last Sunday, I took my car for to return in this village of Hampshire. When I reached the suburb of Southampton, I had been getting lost. I had been driving for about twenty minutes without knowing really where I had been going when I asked an old sir who passed by here, if he had been could to show me the way to xxxxxxxxx, he answered me that he had been remembered that there was a village of this name and he had been known my family, but the things had changed a lot of. In fact, there remained almost nothing of what I had experienced up my childhood. The farm had been pulled down. I only found the little church near what was the village square. I understood that I never had to go back and I have been driven back at home. Since, I thank back often at this farm that I never didn’t saw back.
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