The australian culture

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The Australian culture.

First, I’m going to talk about the Aboriginal culture, which has a really important place in Australia.

The native Australians were the first human who came on thecontinent, 50 000 years ago. They came from Indonesia.

This culture is based on the “Time of the Dream”, which is the era before the birth of the Earth, when everything was immaterial and spiritual.The Aboriginal culture is really wealthy, there are a lot of rock paintings and carvings.

When the Britannics came in Australia, there was about 250 languages, and 700 different dialects. Forexample the Wati and the Kala lawag.

Nowadays, the Australian language keeps some words which come from theses dialects. For example “Kangaroo” or “Billabong”.

Today, the aboriginal people arerecognized by the government, and there are 3 conditions to be on of them: holding aboriginal’s ancestors, to identify oneself as an aboriginal people, and to be recognized by the aboriginal community.Even if at the begging the native Australian were black-skinned, some of the aboriginal people are today white-skinned, but they fulfil to the 3 conditions.

Australia has got the aboriginal art,but that’s not all: Several painters are well-known abroad, for example Russell or Tom Robert. They are associated to the Heidelberg School, during the 19 century.

Some buildings are also famous allover the world, like the Sydney Opera House, the Royal Exhibition Building…

About the literature, we can make mention of Patrick White, an Australian writer, who is Nobel Prize winner.

The musicfills an important place in the Australian culture. First, there are a lot of aboriginal ancestral songs. Aboriginal musicians play rock & roll, reggae and hip hop.

Some Australian musicians arewell-know, for example AC/DC, INXS or Kylie Minogue for the rock, and Barry Tuckwell or Roger Woodword for the classic music.

Thanks to the sport, the Australians show their patriotism. They enjoy...
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