The brooklyn follies

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1 Family

Father Sami
Mother Ziba
Child Susan ;
Grand Mother Maryam
Their family name is not mentioned

Family name : Donaldson
Father Brad
Mother : Bitsy
Child :Jin Ho
Grand mother not mentioned.

2 The scene probably takes place in the United States. Neigborhoods mentioned are called Mount Washington and Roland Park. On line 37 Maryam while speaking of the Donaldsons says « So American they were ». Finally the family name Donaldson sounds american

3 Mount Washington and Roland Park are mentioned. The Donaldsons live in Mount Washington district and Maryam lives in Roland Park. Sami and Ziba have bought a house in Mount Washington district and move near their friends.

4 A / Discovering the news B/ Moving in

5 Maryam is really surprised towards the information she receives from her daughter. She sounds disappointed. She obviously would have liked being informed before but she doesn’t say a word The couple hided his decision. Her daughter and her husband didn’t want to keep her informed and she feels very sad.

6 Maryam learns that their friends, the Donaldson heard the new they were going to move in Mount Washington before herself and she really feels frustrated and betrayed. As Ziba’s mother she just feels she would have been informed at first and she is amazed by their behaviour because she feels quite close of them and particularly of Susan, their daughter.

7 Sami says that he feels that Mount Washington district is more « upper class » than Roland Park where Maryam lives. The « général atmosphère » probably means that this place has a better réputation to grow up children and live. Moreover their best friends live there also and their chilfren get on well.

8 Sami Ziba and Maryam don’t feel at ease. They all pick up their teacups with a big silence. They seem very tense and disturbed. Maryam can’t say a word and doesn’t want to reproach anything to them

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