The france-berkeley fund

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The France-Berkeley Fund (FBF) was established in 1993 by the University of California at Berkeley and the French Ministère des Affaires Etrangères in order to support scientific and scholarly exchanges and collaboration between Berkeley and research and higher education institutions in France. Applications are accepted in all fields — the Humanities, Social Sciences, Exact Sciences, Engineering the Applied Sciences, and the Professional Schools.
The Fund considers projects jointly submitted by a tenured or tenure-track professor at UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley, National Laboratory or UC DAVIS and a professor or researcher with a permanent affiliation with a French public research institution or institution of higher learning.
The Fund is established to encourage and support original research of the highest quality and new collaborations. The Fund especially seeks to support projects involving younger scholars. Projects such as workshops or conferences (especially in the human sciences) designed to generate new research strategies, and projects which maximize the number of researchers involved will receive the highest priority. The Fund does not pay for release time for faculty, and grants cannot be used to purchase equipment, though there may be rare exceptions.
All projects will be funded to a maximum of US $10,000 per year. All projects must be initiated within one year of the date of award, and completed within one year of the date of initiation.
Previous recipients of FBF awards can reapply two years after completion of their collaboration. However they have to reapply separately with a new partner and for a new project.
Your proposal must be submitted as attachment to an email sent to The proposal should be either in MSWord or PDF format.
No other format will be accepted.

The complete proposal must include :

1. The introduction email with only 2 attachments:

2 The first attachment must be the complete proposal in English.

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