The globe theatre

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Elizabethan theater

When and where was the original globe theater built?
The original globe theater was built in Londonspecifically on the South bank of the river Thames in Southwarks. It was built in the years 1599.

How many spectators could watch a play there?There was approximately one hundred feet in diameter that could house up to three thousand spectators.

What was the « pit » ?The pit was the bottom of the theater(in the center of the theater) where the poor people would stand to watch the plays.

3.1)Where couldspectators sit to watch the play?
For the people (who have most money) they could go around the yard were three levels of stadium-style seats, which were more expensive than standing room.3.2) What sort of people went to the theater
The Globe would have particularly attracted young people. The plays were extremely popular and attracted vast audiences to the Globe.

3.3) How did they behave ?
The Globe would have particularly attracted young people and the were manycomplaints of apprentices avoiding work in order to go to the theater. The audiences only dropped during outbreaks of the bubonic plague, which was unfortunately an all too common occurrence during theElizabethan era.

What was the stage like? Describe the different elements.
Thedesign and Architecture of the Globe Theater had to be a combination of practical use, economy and the aesthetic design! His form is like a circle, an amphitheater. That's why we call it like that. We...
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