The lottery

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As you can see, in 1984, the lottery plays an important role in this story. The lottery in 1984 is very similar tolotteries today. In the following lines, i am going to explain how they are so similar.

The lottery in 1984 is the same as thelotteries today because people buy lottery tickets to take the chance of winnig great prizes. The low class people that don’t have a lot ofmoney take that chance like the people of today. It is similar to me too because the people, believe it or not, enjoy lotteries evenif they are losing money. For them, it is like a hobby. They are having fun playing those little lotteries games like the people oftoday. For me, lotteries is a bad thing, and at the same time, a good thing. It is a good thing because you can take a chance to winvery big prizes and it can be used as a hobby. It gives you little hopes too.

But, it is a bad thing because if you win the prize,it changes you and make you a selfish person. It is bad too because you can get addicted to it and you can lose all of your moneyand ruin your life. By getting addicted to it, you can go crazy if you don’t win and by losing so much money, it can end up with asuicide.

Finally, the lottery is very similar in 1984 to our world and it’s not a bad thing or a good thing playing those lottery games
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