The mist

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The Mist is a fantasy movie, which tells the story of a city which is invaded by terrifying creatures, hidden in a gigantic fog. When people aredelivered to themselves, the anarchy settles down and it is quickly necessary to find a "leader" to reassure, guide everybody, and become thesavior longed!David is thus bombarded "hero" in spite of himself, and has the burden of these poor wretches issue of terrible monsters that lurk inthe night and fog. David, the father and his young son Billy found themselves trapped in a supermarket, along with other residents terrorized.Towards the end of the film, David and his son and two others, decided to flee the store and fled in a car. They began to taxi to drop out of gas. Fromthat moment on, they realized that was the end. David was armed, so to prevent death even more horrible than to be devoured by monsters, hedecided to kill two other people, with their consent, with whom he had established a relationship. But the worst is yet to come when he killed his ownson. David had done this to avoid their death even more horrific and avoid suffering. He was seized with such rage that he decided to leave thecar, shouting to attract monsters. But the distance he saw a figure first, then several. It was the army, the soldiers had succeeded inexterminating the creatures ...Heroism does not cause. In the presence of an unpredictable event, often tragic, we are called on to perform a heroic gesture.
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