The pearl : summary

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It is the story of Kino, Juana and their son Coyotito, who live in a brush house by the Mexican gulf. One morning, a scorpion stings Coyotito, then Kino and Juana rush to the doctor in town.The doctor refuses to heal Coyoto because they cannot pay enough. Later, Kino and Juana go diving for pearls. They found a large pearl which seems to be valuable. They have never seen a pearl likethat. Kino thinks about what they could do with this pearl: wealth, wedding, educates his son, buy a rifle are his ambitions. Kino burry his pearl and after a while, the doctor arrives to cure Coyotito.He has learned about the pearl. He gives him medicaments go away and return an hour later, with a sort of potion that he gives to the baby to calm his spasms. In the night, an intruder tries to stealthe pearl and Kino chases him. The criminal left the father with an injury. Juana considers the pearl bad and evil, and she proposes to abandon it. On the next day, this little family goes to town tosell the pearl. The dealers do not offer a big price for the pearl and Kino refuses to accept their offers. He wants more. They return home, where Kino hides the pearl again. In the middle of thenight, Juana takes the pearl in the mind to throw it into the sea. Kino follows her and takes back the pearl violently. As he returns home, a man tries to take the pearl. Kino kills him, trying to defendhimself. Juana and Kino decide to flee from the town with Coyotito and their belongings. But he realize that his canoe was destroyed and his house burned. The runaways refuge in Kino’s brother houseand at nightfall, begin to flee north. Follow by trackers, they hide in a cave in a mountain. At night, Kino decides to attack them before the moon rises. Coyotito lets out a cry and one of thehunters rifle’s shot in the cave, and killed the baby. Kino kill the trackers one by one in a violent storm. He realizes that the shot killed Coyotito. Kino and Juana return then to the village, with...
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