The promontery summit ceremony

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The railroad is a key of our history, it takes place in our movies in our art, what is the Baining ?

Have you ever heard someting about the « PromontorySummit Ceremony » ? You don’t, if I am not mistaken. And nevertheless, the May 10 is an important date in our history. In the 19 century, our ancestors hadn’t this thing so useful that we call a planebut they already have the trains.
On July 1st, 1862, our ancient President, Abraham Lincoln, signed this paper, the « Pacific Railway Act », which authorizes the construction of the firsttranscontinental
railroad line between the Missouri Rivet and the Pacific Ocean. He asked to the best engineers to finalize the project of a railroad line crossing the North American continent from east towest.

Two companies took care of the works, the "Central Pacific" has to realize the section from west to east, since Sacramento in California, it began the works in January, 1863, whereas the"Union Pacific", has to build the section from east to west, from Omaha in Nebraska, it began the works in December, 1863. But ways were only put on 1865.
In 1869 both companies decided to join in aplace called "Promontory Summit" in Utah, this place is situated in the North of the Big Salt lake. On May 10, There were a big ceremony to celebrate this, called the « Promontory Summit Ceremony ».

This picture was taken during the ceremony, we can see lot of workmen who realize the railroad, the engineers and the managers of the companies. It is a symbol of union and succes.

Inthis place was put the Golden Spike, in sign of the end of the works, to symbolize the completion of the first railroad in United States. It is a tradition that after large-scale Works, the lastspike is golden.

The works allowed to take the census of the inhabitants who lives in the country and to dicover the lands, they learnt many things about them territory. When the railroad was...
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