The solitaire mystery

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The Solitaire Mystery is written by Jostein Gaarder. The book was published in 1990 and the time of the story is in the 1980’s -1999. The publisher is Berkley Pub Groups. The books genre is hard to define but it is a novel, fable, fairy story, philosophical and more. Jostein Gaarder is best known as the author of Sophie’s World. It contains 368 pages.


Hans Thomas is a twelve-year old boy searching for his mother. He goes on a journey with his father from his home town of Olso in Norway to Greece, he is unaware that his life will be changed forever. Hans thomas is going to uncover a whole new world of mystery, which one of theme is the mystery of her mother’s disappearance to “ find herself”. The readers is taken on the journey with the main character who is going to lead us to question of existance along with him. Hans thomas ‘s father will frequently take some cigarette stops wich will allow both to smoke and to philosophize about the universe.
In the journey, the little boy is going to meet a strange little bearded man who will give Hans Thomas a magnificent glass, saying “you’ll need it” and indicating them directions that take them miles out of their way to a village name Dorf. A baker of in Dorf gives Hans Thomas a bag of sticky buns for him to eat later on the trip. Supprisingly, the largest one contained a miniature book that is the memoir of a sailor shipwrecked in 1842. The Books writing was too small to be readen with the naked eye so he begins to read the tiny book using his new magnificent glass. The story then will alternates between Hans Thomas journey and the story of the little book. Hans Thomas begins to discover and amazing connection between himself and the sailor, who describes finding himself on an island where a deck of cards has come to life.


The main character is a teenager named Hans Thomas. He is very sensitive to other people’s feelings. He is mostly serious

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