Theatre et genres littéraires

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General programme of English Language Training:

Introduction :

Our present work constitute a reliable means to assess the readiness of our students at distance to study and practice English language. The main purpose of this paper, concern the presentation and realization of a specific practical written programmed, suited to third years at distance students.
Thebroader line of this paper, deals mainly with two subjects, to provide our students with basic skills for appropriate needs and concern to achieve particular purposes and goals .
Each part, consist in dealing with specific domain, related to different but complementary programme. The focus is on the the international economic law and the banking system discipline , as part two and three ofour over all programme ,.We shall trie to give our students the necessary tools and informations concerning the discipline with practical exercises .

Section One: This chapter provides students with grammar courses adequate to learn basic skills appropriate to assimilate English language. The revision of basic tools –An important matter of great necessity to learn and develop theadequate skills for English language . For such matter, our students, read Grammar lessons, followed with exercises to practice their basic skills .


One: special verbs.
1- Be:

|Present tense |
||Am, I? |I’m not |
| |Are you? |You are not |
|Mini Grammar: I am ( I’m) |Is he? |He is not |
|You are (you’re)|Is she? |She is not |
|He Is (he’s) |Is it? |It is not |
|She is (she’s) |Are giving? |We are not |
|Itis (it’s) |Are you? |You are not |
|We are ( we’re) |Are they? |They are not. |
|You are (you’re) | ||
|They are (they’re) | | |

2-There is:

|Present and Past tenses |
|There is (There’s) |Is there?|There is not (isn’t) |
|There are |Are there? |There are not (Aren’t) |
|There was |Was there? |There was not (Wasn’t) |
|There were |Were there?|There were not (Weren’t) |

2- Have= Get, Take, ectc…

|Present tenses |
|I have |Do I have? |I do not(don’t)have |
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