Tourisme en tunisie (anglais)

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Tourism in Tunisia




_Part I: Improvement of tourism in Tunisia.

Tunisia is well endowed Rapid expansion in 1970s Today , tourism is the main economic activity of Tunisia

_Part II: Tunisia is still a developing country.

Poverty hiden in Tunisia Natural aftermaths Tunisia depends on the rest of the world A consequence on european economy: counterfeiting




Tunisia is one of countries of Africa which has developed a great deal for 30 years thanks to tourism.

The aim of this presentation is to show how an important town and country planning and a propitious environment has allowed Tunisia to make economical progress.

However, Tunisia remains a developing country in all over the world.

On the one hand, we will describe advantages of this country and the way to improve tourism.
On the other, we will show Tunisia depends on the rest of world and still difficulties in many areas.


Part I :

Tunisia is well endowed. Tunisia is situated in north of africa , in the area of Maghreb at the edge of Mediterranéan. Mediterranéan climate gives this country an advantage: the sweet temperatures all through the year, splendid beaches as well as a natural landscape to do of dreaming European people.

Rapid expansion in 1970s. Between 1960 and 1970 Tunisia knew a rapid expansion of tourism. It called : « mass-tourism ». Tunisia opened toward the foreign markets. Moreover, Tunisia realized an important town and country planning. In fact this country sets up specialized installations concentrated on the coastal region: seaside resort , hotels , clubs , pleasure ports , sea-water therapy center ,museum ,festival and airports to make european tourists welcome. you could notice an important growth of cities such as : Sousse , Monastir , Hammamet , Djerba...

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