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A – 1) Tourism is an important source of income for developing countries for developing countries, especially since the price of commodities they produced, such as tea or coffee, collapsed. In countries like Kenya, tourism employs over 500,000 people. Tourism, therefore, allows people in these countries to afford a better life, which contributes to the development of the country, and if the population becomes prosperous, the economy do the same.Indeed this income help ensure the growth of other sectors.

2) From a cultural and social point of view, backpackers brought a real glabal community. It means that that backpackers have brought something more to global tourism, compared to mass tourism. The backpacker goes closer to the culture he went looking, thay actually communicates with people, sharing things
They broutht a lot as much from an economic point of view as a cultural point of view since they help local buissnesses.

3) What the columnist found unbearably sad in the actions of terrorists, is that they make the world insecure by attacking innocent people and as tourists . By attacking the tourists they would attack the country itself and negate the positive effect produced by tourism . The world appears as a threat rather than as an opportunity and an experience.

B – 1) narrowly




C – Exercice de Rédaction.

This documnt is a bar chart exerpt from an article in The Economist. It expose the pourcentage of foreign student who decided to stay in America to work after their studies , including “non definite plan” and “definite job offer” in 1997.
We can see the pourcentage of Indian, Chinese , British, Maxican, Japanese, Canadian, Indonesian and others, who stay in the United States. Most of the time, more than 40 per cent of the students are staying, wich is enormous .
The United States is more friendly to foreign students for studies increasingly prestigious and even easier access to visas

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