Two second to go

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Two second to go :

Introduction :

This document is an entitled piece of news " two the second to go " written by NS Bortner. It deals with the jealousy and the acts which it can engender. Hereit’s about a man, Aleck, who is ready to leave the husband of his ex-girlfriend, Carl Bullard, drown.
Having reminded the situation and the characters, I shall describe the feelings which urge Aleckto act so and then would analyze what made him change his opinion.

I) The situation

Who ?

The three main characters are the narrator Aleck, Constance who is Aleck’s ex-girlfriend and nowCarl Bullard’s wife who is the last main character.
Furthermore, there are other characters who are the guests of Constance and Carl Bullard.

Where and When?

The story happen in Carl Bullard’shouse, in the summer because Carl go swimming.

II) Why let Carl Bullard drown ?

• Narrator / Constance.

Aleck and Constance was in love few years ago but Aleck had to leave for ayear at Buenos Aires in order to work for an unbelievable salary. So, they written to each other during few months but little by little they stopped. Actually, Aleck stayed there for three years, inparticular because he gambled and lost all his money and it’s for that, he stopped write to her because he “couldn’t keep lying to her about the money”.

• Still in love.

We can see thatAleck is still in love with Constance. He said “she would have married me if things had got right”. Aleck thinks that Constance is aslo still in love with him because when he see her after all the yearsshe was the same just a little more roudness and when she look at him there was “a glow”, not just a look friendly.

• Jealousy.

Aleck is jealous about Constance and Carl’s relationship.Constance and Carl met after Aleck left for Argentina. They got married, about one year and a half before (“It was well in my second year that I heard she’d been married”). They have a tender...
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