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BlackBerry is a line of mobile e-mail and smartphone devices developed and designed by Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) since 1999.[2][3]
BlackBerry functions as a personaldigital assistant with address book, calendar, memopad and task list capabilities. It also functions as a portable media player with support for music and video playback and camera and videocapabilities. BlackBerry is primarily known for its ability to send and receive (push) Internet e-mail wherever mobile network service coverage is present, or through Wi-Fi connectivity.BlackBerry has the ability to use wireless data efficiently while using less power than other phones, three BlackBerrys use the same wireless spectrum as only one other smartphone. BlackBerry isa powerful messaging phone with a large array of messaging features in a smartphone today, including auto-text, auto-correct, text prediction, support for many languages, keyboardshortcuts, text emoticons, push email, push Facebook, Twitter and Myspace notifications, push Ebay notifications, push instant messaging with BlackBerry Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Windows LiveMessenger, AOL Instant Messanger and Yahoo Messenger; threaded text messaging and a customizable indicator light near the top right of all BlackBerry devices. All notifications andconversations from applications are shown in a unified messaging application which third party applications can access. BlackBerry's push gives BlackBerry devices a long battery life. All data on thephone is compressed through BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS).
BlackBerry commands a 14.8% share of worldwide smartphone sales, making it the fifth most popular device manufacturer afterNokia, Samsung, LG, and Apple.[4] The consumer BlackBerry Internet Service is available in 91 countries worldwide on over 500 mobile service operators using various mobile technologies.[5]
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