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Abbreviation Ablation (thermal erosion) A shortened form of a word or phrase. A technique for the imaging of offset plates, by which a thermal erosion layer is removed. The printing plates then only require mechanical treatment and in some cases can be rinsed with water. The main disadvantage of this system is that it produces debriswhich must be removed from the CtP system. See "zig-zag fold". A software program developed by Adobe, which allows documents to be viewed using a reader (available free of charge) on every commonly used computer platform and to be printed on PostScript printers. The major advantage of the program is that all fonts, colors and the layout itself are identical to the original document, even if the fontsor the program used to create it are not installed on the viewer's computer. It is a global standard in document management. A shortened form of a word or compound term usually formed from its initial letters. A color produced through the addition of light of various colors. In theory, every color can be produced by mixing the primary colors of the visible light spectrum: red, green and blue(RGB), as the color vision of the human eye works through red-, green- and bluesensitive sensory cells. RGB is the usual additive color system and is used predominantly for television screens, computer monitors and scanners. Combining two of the primary colors in equal parts produces the secondary colors cyan, magenta and yellow, which in turn form the basic colors of the subtractive color system(CMYK). This is the process of producing color through the addition of different colors of light. Computer and television screens use thousands of red, green, and blue phosphor dots, which are so small and close together that the human eye cannot see them individually. Instead, the eye sees the colors formed by the mixture of light. A binding method which uses thread-free adhesives to secure looseleaves into a solid text block. Person with all rights of access to a network and responsible for its













Accordion fold Acrobat

Acronym Additive color

Additive color mixing

Adhesive binding Administrator

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management and maintenance. Adobe AdobeSystems Incorporated, headquartered in San Jose, California, is a leading software manufacturer in the field of graphics and image editing. Established in 1982, the company's products include the image editing program "Photoshop", the illustration program "Illusrator" and the desktop publication programs "InDesign" and "Pagemarker." Adobe is also the creator of the page description language"PostScript" and the device-independent data format "PDF" (Portable Document Format). A structure, basic scheme or pattern used for software, process or decision functions. To place the material to be cut at the correct position in the machine. An eight-bit storage segment reserved for masks in an image processing software program; a feature incorporated into image processing software programs and imagedata formats for storing processing routines and an image's special properties (for example, background transparency). Folding a sheet of paper so that two flaps are formed that can be opened from either side. A halftone screening method in which equidistant dots are used, the variation of the size of which produces continuous tone pictures. In combined printing, several color forms must bearranged at varying, exactly defined screen angles in order to avoid moiré patterns. Defines the start or end of a path segment (a path consists of one or more segments). They fix the path at a specific position. The path segments and the shape of the path are changed by moving the anchor points. An old term for flexographic printing whose name is derived from the aniline-based inks employed during the...
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