Vocabulary 3 – final test

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Vocabulary 3 – Final Test

I. Complete the following phrasal verbs: 1. Jenny has dark hair and green eyes; she takes after her mother. 2. It's taken me ages to get over the flu. 3. He came into a lot of money when his uncle died. 4. The printing machines are always breaking down. 5. He didn’t mean to let you down; it was only an accident. 6. I gave up trying to persuade him to continue with his studies. 7. I'm going to have to turn in. I'm not used to these late nights. 8. Come on then, do up your coat and let's go. 9. Jack's having trouble keeping up with the rest of the class. 10. While I was clearing out the desk, I came across some of his letters.

II. Fill in with one word only: 1. I don’t know if you should give him this task; he’s still wet behind the ears. 2. I don't see eye to eye with Todd on political issues. 3. I've really put my foot in it this time. I didn't realize that was her husband! 4. Why do you look so down in the mouth today? What’s wrong? 5. At 2, he played the piano by ear. 6. We lived from hand to mouth, never knowing where the next meal was coming from. 7. After I got the promotion, a few of my co-workers started giving me the cold shoulder. 8. I haven't won, have I? You're pulling my leg. 9. Many people end up paying through the nose for their car insurance policies. 10. “She sells seashells on the sea shore” is a tongue-twister.

III. Choose the correct word: 1. Too many job hunters make the classical/classic mistake of thinking only about what's in it for them. 2. I'm trying to be more economic/economical when I go shopping, and only buying what I really need. 3. The stars appear stationary/stationery because they are so far away. 4. Beside/Besides going to aerobics twice a week, she rides horses on Saturdays. 5. I'm afraid this banknote is a forgery; it's just a worthless/invaluable piece of paper. 6. The children are finding it

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