Voyage en irlande

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The plane

It was the first time I flew. Fortunately, our plane was smaller than the others. I don’t know why, but it was reassuring. Our first anxiety was the weight of our luggage: we didn’t want to pay more because it was too heavy. But there were no problem with it, we were clearly below the allowed threshold. After customs, where Matthieu my fiancé had had to quit his shoes because there was iron on it, we have waited before the departure. A bit stressful, but it was ok. When stewardess arrived, the fiction became reality. We sat down in the plane and waited. After the famous “How to survive when you’re going to die”, the plane began to roll on the airstrip. Roissy Charles De Gaulle is such a big airport that we had to wait after three planes to take off. And finally, it arrived. The plane stopped and suddenly accelerated so speedily that everybody was pinned against his seat. Afterwards, the plane quitted the soil and we were in the air. And we felt it. It was like in a funfair: every time it changed its tilt, our stomach was disturbed. I was near the window and I was looking the sky. So beautiful! But I realized, too late, that I felt more the oscillations of the plane than if I looked in front of me.
Finally, after a few minutes of roller coaster, there was no problem during the fly. The landing was very calm and, even if I had a headache, this first fly was not so bad!

The frog

We were in our first family. One of our jobs was to clean parts of the property. In that case, there was grass, people had put fence on the grass and at that time, and grass had covered the fences. So, we had to extract fences retained by grass. It was very difficult to extract fences from the grass because grass is not so easy to cut.
We were working, when suddenly we saw something moving in the netting: a frog. Her head was in a hole and she was choking. Immediately, my boyfriend went to find a cutting plier to cut the netting. Then, we try to slide the clamp between

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