What's hidden behind the iraq criss?

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What’s hidden behind the U.S-Iraq Crisis?
By SOW Daouda
Feb 19th 2003
Iraq has for good become a precious cake that every nation of the world powers is craving to have its own slice; Iraq’smassive oil reserves is rather being poisonous than source of development or profitable for its population, the idea of portioning these unexploited resources (oil) seems unreasonable or impossible forsome competitors of the issue – which I can namely point out – like the U.S.A or the Bush administration, the tactics of the game look impressive or unfair to the eyes and minds of the differentpopulations of the world, extreme measures are taken to gain the stronghold, such as; political, economic and military efforts. Will the political intimidation that Bush and his administration underhandagainst their adversaries and their propaganda or information about Iraq which is based on no viable sources and controversial help Washington to hit its own goal?

We can say that this pre-warperiod has involved the whole nations of the world and even the international institutions, the United nations inspection team draft about the Iraq weapons of mass destruction does not help finding anyclear evidence whether or not Iraq possesses those presumed weapons.
The fear and anxiety a re gaining the ground, but one and all must comprehend why we are standing at the rim of war, which theconsequences will inevitably cause sharp increase in oil prices and other negative economic results and would condemn the developing countries into a deep economic crisis.

Are the Bush claims stillvalid concerns?
- Sadam Hussein as a threat to the U.S.
- Sadam Hussein’s support of terrorism.
- Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction.
- Sadam Hussein is being a dictator tohis people.
Is stepping Saddam down and his regime worth killing innocent people in Iraq? Is it simply a fear of insecurity that Bush complaints, or is there any economic better position that...
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