What about china ?

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I- Introduction

II- Chinese population and several information about it

III- Political regime and economic growth

IV- Weaknesses of the Chinese giant and their consequences

V- Culture, geography, administration and patrimonial

VI- Conclusion

VII- Sources

VIII- Mark and comments

I- Introduction

During this study, I’m going to develop some various aspects and sectors of China. From the Chinese population to the monuments.

I have chosen China on account of its position into the world, but also for its diversity, which can be found at the landscapes, jobs, cultures…

I am almost sure that tomorrow it will take the place of the United States. And it will occupy the leading position.

II- Chinese population

China gathers one fifth of world population, with approximately 1,4 billion people. However, extrapolations estimate that in ten years, India will be the most populous country.

The population is unequally distributed, indeed it is concentrated on al large strip to the east, which means the big metropolis’s site. That’s why there is an important gap between West of China, virtually uninhabited and the eastern coast, extremely crowded.


We can explain differences in densities saying that a lot of people have left the countryside for the urban life. Indeed, there are more firms, so more work. The countryside’s inhabitants had run away misery, poor incomes ... It may be also because “sea resorts” attract population.
Climates and landscapes are different through China, so there are certainly geographical determinism (other examples: high altitudes, distance from centres...). But citizens are predominately farmers. They are in the countryside and the provinces.

Chinese have to face an inequality between poor and well-off. Several years ago,

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