Who's afraid of virginia woolf - theatre of the absurd

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VAOVW is an Edward Albee's play which takes place in the 60's of the american society. At the dawn of a Sunday on a campus in the college town of New Carthage, G and M, an unhappy middle-aged married couple, have just came back from a party. G is tired, but M wants to spin the night out and has invited Nick and Honey. The couple is going to drawn their guests into silly and self-destructivegames, blurring the frontier btw illusion and reality, revealing confusing facts, which remind the theatre of the absurd. Besides, there are many references to this genre and absurd clichés, which may have not been aimlessly done and may show that Albee is interested in the Absurd. To what extend does the play belong to the theatre of the Absurd?

From the very beginning, M and G are arguing abouta Bette Davies's movie. Well, it is not likely to be a common contentious matter but when it comes to persons who have lived together for a long time -like middle-aged married couple – they tend to be bogged down in (the rigours of) a routine, having arguments for nothing, about futile matterss and saying repetitive sentence. G and M keep on quibbling over unimportant details throughout theplay. What's being talked about is futile, but Albee particularly focuses on the way the interact with each other...It is clearly absurd : (more than having repetitious and futile arguments,) they never come to an agreement. This kind of behaviour makes it difficult, not to say impossible to make progress. Those discutions -most of the time- end up in a stalemate, which props up a vicious circle,typical element of the theatre of the absurd. G and M exemplify the genre's characteristics : almost 50 years old, they didn't get the life they wanted and lead a destructive relationship. G is a marginal history teacher; self-effacing, and not particularly ambitious. M is hysterical, “loud” and “vulgar . They cant stand one another, but need each other. They show a particular complicity, but itgoes up to the absurdity since they keep shifting from anger to affection. They appear as a failure in a would-be perfect society, they do not portrayed the ideal american family : their relationship is a real mess as shown before, and their son is more than being a 'reversed cliché' ( G reverses the cliché of the perfect college boy from the ideal american family, describing their son as« blond-eyed » and « blue-haired » boy), he is... unexistant! They choosed to be trapped in this situation : sterile, they have created their imaginary son and thus lived with illusions to survive for twenty years!(As Godot is an illusion and a 'tool to wait')
On the other hand, worst is the young couple : in appearences they do seem perfect, but it is only a facade to embody the AD. The young coupledoes not flee from this insane house and it is probably only because of Martha's « daddy » who is not even here but still have a power on them : they want to make good impression as this man is able to provide them a statut in society. . It presents marriage as an absurd game : two persons strike a deal in order to obtain comfort. All people attempt to reach perfectibility, but G has realized thatmen keep to make the same mistakes. Absurdists use the futility of life and it is particularly well illustrated with G's tirade when he explains that men « take the trouble to construct a civilization [...] to build a society, [...they] endeavor to make communicable sense out of natural order, morality out of the unnatural disorder of man's mind... » but it seems to be in vain. Now, people haveto create illusions for themselves... It helps to deal with the reality that has become too difficult to face. Honey cannot stand to face reality, and cannot communicate properly with N, she gets sick as soon as an undesirable event happens (when G reveals the story of her life for instance).The theme of truth and illusion is considerable, and the mix between the two notions often lead to...
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