Why the caged bird sing ?

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Why the caged bird sing ?


This document is an article from Newsweek published on September the 10th 2001, and written by Alan Zarembo. It’s entitled “Why a ...”. Thisdocument deals with a 35 year ol Mexican woman named Ana, she is an illegal immigrant in the US. She used to live in Puebla with her daughter Angel and her son Misa. She is divorced. The document iscomposed of a text and a pictures. This shot represent a young woman in a street of a cosmopolitan city who can stand for for Ana in New York.
In a first part I’m going to explain howshe became an American self made woman. Then, I’m going to talk about the consequences of her immigration.

I – How she became an American self made woman ?

Six years ago, Ana cameto the USA by crawling in a drainpipe, walking across the desert and hiding in a car to avoid being caught. It was risky for her life because she was illegal and undocumented and thus she could bearrested.
At first she didn’t intend to stay long because she wanted to pay back her sister (she paid the smuggler (passeur)), she wanted to earn money to pay her debts and she wanted to get rid of herhusband.

Little by little she climbed up the social ladder (echelle). To begin with, Ana was a laundry woman. Although (bien que) her income was only 200% a week, she had a betterpaid job than in Mexico.
Next she became a maid (domestique).
Eventually (finalement) she made a living by being a broker (agent de placement).
Her story is a “rags to riches” story since (puisque)she started with a low-paid job and is now fortunate even if she’s still an illegal immigrant because we can read line 12 “the money is tax-free” and line 50 “her business is off the books”.

Nowthat we studied her professional life in NY, we can take an interest on the consequences of the immigration on her life.

II – The consequences of her immigration
a) On her family

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