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English Presentation: Wikileaks
Presentation of Wikileaks
Wkileaks is an organisation. It was created in December 2006 by Chinese dissidents, mathematicians, journalists, informatics from UnitedStates, Europe, Taiwan, South Africa and Australia.
The website is represented by an Australian, Julian Assange. He is an informatics, may be a hacker and for information, his mother is anarchist.Wikileak’s goal is to show at people secrets of governments, more precisely, to give a real vision/a real picture of world.
Previously in this year, Wikileaks published on web, documents about war inAfghanistan and war in Iraq. The most viewed is a video showing an US helicopter killed 2 reporters of Reuters in Baghdad.
United States diplomatic cables leaks
United States diplomatic cables leaksbegan on the 28th November when Wikileaks and 5 major newspapers published confidential correspondences between US State Department and its missions around the world.
Wikileaks have 251,287 cables:15,000 are classified “secret” it’s the higher level of these documents, 100,000 are classified “confidential” and rest is not labelled.
Problems and reactions
Problem of these revelations isconsequences in relations between states. For example:
• US Embassy in Russia compared Putin and Medvedev with “Batman and Robin” and said that Russia is a “Mafia-State”.
• In France, Diplomatic Adviser ofSarkozy said that “the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is crazy.”
• In Iran, a very difficult area, Arabic countries connected President Ahmadinejad with Hitler and said that we must “cut the headof snake” about the Iran’s nuclear program.
All states react by the way of Wikileaks’revelations. We can see 2 points of view:
• On the one hand, for US allies, cables leaks are “illegal,irresponsible and dangerous”.
• On the other hand, for others, it’s a means to show the frame of mind of US about foreign policy.
To conclude, Wikileaks bring a diplomatic buzz and many...
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