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Adventure. What does this word really mean? An adventure is an activity that is perceived to involve risk, danger or exciting experiences. Related to work, it can refer to any company that ispotentially fraught with physical, financial or psychological risk, such as a business venture.
To me, work will always be an Adventure, with a capital A. Since you are doing your job, you never stoplearning new skills, new methods to do something or get something by yourself. Your boss trusts you and sees beyond by giving you difficult projects. If you are self-sufficient, creative and determined,you will succeed. For instance, an advertising manager doesn’t know in advance if his campaign will be a great one and will allow him to sell a lot of products. It is something risky and each time, youare in danger because the image of the brand or the perenniality of the company depend on your job. It is always something new, you have to be immersed yourself in your work, pay attention toeverything not to forget a single thing.
When I was a Human Resources assistant for my internship, I had to arrange and do job interviews. I totally didn’t know how to do it and on what I had to focus toknow who was really better than the other one. Everything was new. I tried. A lot. I did an interview every week. I finally knew how to do it and every job applicant was different and so was I.
Evenwhen a CEO has to sell his company, because it sometimes happens according to a fall-off in sales, and for sure, he would have done anything to fix the mistake he has done. But we all have to live withthe residue of our choices and the consequence of our actions. People say “it’s just business, don’t take it personally”. But I think business is as personal as it gets. That is the differencebetween work for work and work for its own sake. You have to fit in, to be truly yourself in your job to make something different. I admire someone for his ability to fight against every obstacle. It...
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