Your website: greater visibility and return of investment through search engine marketing

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DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology, Vol. 28, No. 4, July 2008, pp. 79-82 © 2008, DESIDOC

Your Website: Greater Visibility and Return of Investment through Search Engine Marketing
Thierry Arsenault1 and Daniel Feeny2
Canadian Heritage Information Network Patrimoine canadien|Canadian Heritage 15 Eddy, Gatineau, QC, K1A 0M5. 1E-mail:

Nowadays, the majority of the people find out the required websites information including virtual exhibitions through web search engines. The most commonly used search engines in the market are Google, Yahoo and MSN. This paper basically provides tips to the developers of virtual exhibition websites to make their sites more visible to the public. This is one of themarketing strategies of the web search engines are following to get best returns on their investment. This is a short paper based on the research work done at Canadian Heritage Information Network and their results are communicated in form of short paper. Keywords: Return of Investment, website visibility, use of search engines for marketing.

According to some estimates in North America, 40 percent of website visitors arrive from Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines. For some online exhibitions, the figure is as high as 80 per cent. Thankfully, you can use this trend to your advantage. It is simply easier to get potential visitors to click on a link than to have them type your web address into their browsers. The latter is commonly referred to as ‘direct traffic’, and insignificant numbers it is usually the result of sophisticated, multi-platform marketing campaigns. If you need to maximize each dollar, then you will love online marketing and particularly search engine marketing (SEM). SEM is the art and science of increasing the visibility of your web pages by boosting their ranking on search engine results. The SEM mix includes: (i) Search engine optimization (SEO):Optimising the visibility of web pages in the organic (free)

section of search engine result pages (see A in Fig. 1). Tactics includes friendly architecture, optimised content, link building, and social marketing optimisation (Web colonisation). (ii) Pay per click (PPC): Optimising your visibility in the sponsored section of the search engine result pages (see B in Fig. 1). Payment goes throughonly when browsers click on your ad, or when they complete a transaction on your website (cost per conversion).

(iii) Search engine advertising: Banner ads or multimedia/interactive ads on search engines. Getting started can be a bit intimidating, but through trial and error you will see how SEM drives highly targeted visitors to your online exhibitions. The following steps to a successful SEMplan are based on CHIN’s (Canadian Heritage Information

DESIDOC Jl. Lib. Inf. Technol., 2008, 28(4)

Figure 1. Yahoo search output.

Network) experience with the virtual museum of Canada portal (, and on recognised best practices from the industry. (i) Know your target audience: Who do you really want to reach? Define your target audiences, including their market size,profile, habits and needs. Remember: “general public” is not a target audience. Set your online goals and key performance indicators: What do you want visitors to do on your website? Think about the percentage of visitors who take a desired action (conversion rate), whether it be registrations, newsletter subscriptions, download publications, or just about any activity beyond simple browsing.Don’t forget to establish proper metrics to track what visitors are doing.


a list of keywords and key phrases that represent your current and most relevant content; a list of keywords and key phrases that represent your potential content (content strategy).

(c )


Look at your target audiences’ blogs, chats, message boards, and websites to better understand their language, and...
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