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1. Defining the motivations leading to international development
National level: France for instance
International level: prospect and sale in various countriesMultinational or global business: invest in different countries, producer overthere
Usual motivation factors:
Access to additional market
Develop market share
Brand development awareness
Benefitfrom other factors
Cheaper labor cost
Lower taxes
Technical know how
Proximity of raw materials
Proximity of new markets
The conditions and requirements for expanding
Internationally:Internal factor:
Universal nature of the product
Internal operational capabilities
Trained and qualified staff
External factor:
Weak offer
Attractive political, economical and culturalenvironment

2. Defining the internal capabilities

The internal diagnosis: every single detail of your organization might potentially cause a future impact
A. the axes to be observed
The HR andmanagement capabilities
Number, function, responsibilities and availability
Foreign spoken languages
How many are willing to go abroad
Company’s culture
Staff involvement
Top management’sinvolvement in the project
Training policies
Evaluation and control policies

Financial capabilities
Debt ratios
Working capital

The technical capabilities
Production capacityLevel of know how
R&D expenditures
Quality policy (ISO)
After sales/ technical assistance

The product “it-self” capabilities

The commercial and marketing capabilities
Local communicationEvolution of the turnover
Existing sales network
Position on the domestic market
Nature of commercial targets
Existing and pending patents
Actual brand awareness
Means of communication
Existingbrochures in foreign languages
Website in different languages
International trade show attendance

The logistic capabilities
Supplier satisfaction
Number of products damage...
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