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We've listed all the in-game items and how to get them in real life below the fold.
Fun Slide – Slurpee cups
Big Splash – Big Gulp cups
Coffee Cart – Large iced coffee
Sandwich Cart – All fresh sandwiches
Chocolate Persimmon (Tree) – Cut fruit
Neapolitan Cow – 7-Select vanilla ice cream(pint size)
Water Tower – 7-Select bottle water
10 Fuel Tanks – Prepaid FarmVille game card

Mafia Wars
Showman (weapon) – Slurpee
Trio Diva (vehicle) – Big Gulp
Lone Wolf (weapon) – 20-ounce coffee
Sleek Bulletproof Vest (armor) – pizza, chicken wings, Big Bite products, chicken tenders and breakfast quesadillas
Pepper Shaker (weapon) –hash browns, taquitos, Burrito Rollers, potato wedgesPalermo Prowler (vehicle) – 7-Select chips
Combat Helmet (armor) – Prepaid Mafia Wars game card

Wall Freezer – Slurpee
Hamburger Stand – Big Gulp
Coffee Machine – 7-Select packaged brownies
Donut Display – 7-Select packaged cake donuts, four-pack
Candy Stand – 7-Select candy
Soda Machine – 7-Select orange soda
Nacho Machine – Prepaid YoVille game card

Conclu en mai dernier,un accord lie pendant tout l'été le studio créateur de Mafia Wars et la franchise d'épicerie américaine 7-Eleven : durant 6 semaines, les clients pourront trouver dans près de 7000 magasins une trentaine de produits sponsorisés (gobelets pour boisson, pots de glace, etc.) frappés d'un code utilisable sur l'un des jeux de la marque, donnant accès à un « object virtuel » en offre limitée. Cettepromotion sera relayée par une campagne de publicité 7-Eleven multisupport (y compris télé).

Zynga's Snoop Dogg Mafia Wars stunt almost gets whacked

The massively hyped Mafia Wars stunt in which Zynga hired Snoop Dogg to blow up an armored truck during a live webcast nearly ended up sleeping with the fishes. A particularly notable outcome, as the event took place in the middle of the Nevadadesert.

To be fair, live broadcasts are always unpredictable, and what happened here should be a cautionary tale to all. The Zynga webcast started out with a few audio problems in the run-up to the big finale, but once Snoop Dogg showed up, shortly after 9:00pm ET, things seemed like they were going to go smoothly.

The rapper and a Zynga rep stood side by side, staring out at the distantarmored truck, when a pyrotechnic expert handed Snoop the trigger device for the explosive-packed vehicle. As the countdown began, everything seemed to shift into slow motion.

The main camera focused on the truck, with Snoop standing off to the side. It sounded like a second camera was set up nearby, as -- just before setting off the explosion -- an off-screen voice told Snoop to move over, as hewas blocking the other camera's view.

The roughly 300,000 viewers who had tuned in to see this live event must have been watching their monitors with their mouths agape, as Snoop stepped aside and directly into the path of the main camera as he pressed the button. The upshot -- the truck was completely blocked from view as the explosion was set off, with the massive fireball barely visiblearound the edges of the rapper's body.

Fortunately, a split-second later, someone on-site switched the live feed to the aforementioned second camera, and the Web audience was able to see most of the blast from that alternate view, literally saving the day for all involved. The effect was still impressive, but clearly the camera angles and talent staging were not blocked out properly beforehand.Watch the video clip below for a pulse-pounding example on how a very expensive publicity stunt can potentially go horribly wrong at the last minute.

Et le studio Zynga (Farmville), leader du secteur avec ses dizaines de millions de joueurs actifs chaque mois, rivalise d'ingéniosité dans ses campagnes...
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