A bloodthirsty husband : mini nouvelle en anglais 2de

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A bloodthirsty husband

One day, Mr Low found his wife Eleonora on the floor in the corridor of their big house. She was dead... The forensic couldn't tell what she had died of. That was on 2ndFebruary 1995.
Five days later, two other women in their forties were found dead in a pool of blood in the same village. Everybody started panicking about the serial killer!
And then, every day,there was another victim. The terrifying killer killed only women. It was Mr High, the local detective,who worked on this affair. He had found two strange objects next to Mrs Low's body: a wig and abottle of Whisky. The detective started thinking that the killer might be a man.
One week later, the policemen who were helping Mr High got a clue from Mrs Low's housemaid. She had found a gunloaded with four bullets and lots of dollar bills in Mrs Low's bedroom. A wig,a gun,much money... Had the lady planned something before she died? What? A murder? Whose murder? Maybe her husband's!
Theinspector convoked Mrs Low's friends and family to know more about her personality. They said that she was a regular drunkard because her marriage was a real mess. This piece of information wasimmediately denied by Mr Low ...
After that the detective went to visit the family of the two other women, and what he discovered made him understand the whole case: they both had known Mr Low very well. Oneof them had been his mistress and the second had been his former wife. On top of that, their friends told him that they had been very unhappy with him. There was something wrong about that man...The detective decided to ask him a few questions about his love affairs and Mr Low broke down instantly. Yes,he was the culprit,he had poisoned Eleonora because she wanted to leave him...He had foundthe gun,the money,the wig and he was convinced she wanted to kill him before leaving. His mistress and his former wife had left him before, and he hated them. So he couldn't resist to kill them too,...
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