Histoire en anglais

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Hello, my name is James Morrison, I'm 43 years old, I live in London and I have a terrifying story to tell.
He was a single, childless, working in a supermarket. One day it met a woman who fell under his spell, he asked his number, which came easily to obtain. So he took an appointment with her, who a few months after this meeting, they went together. One evening, while they watched a horror movie, the man made his wife believe he went for popcorn. But he went into the kitchen, where, in reality, it took a vase. Suddenly, turning the room, he gave his wife a blow on the head and dragged into his cellar, then attach to a chair. The atmosphere was gloomy, the basement was bloody and full of sharp-edged objects like razor blades. The woman awoke with a headache, incredible, seeing the man before her with a knife in hand, he rushed towards her, cutting off an ear, tongue and an eye. Mixing everything he did drink his blood-stained chair. A few minutes later, he pressed all the holes, never to hear screaming, but deprived of oxygen, she dies. A few months later, the man felt a lack of blood. He decided to find another victim. This time, it was a younger woman he met in a playpen. He then pulled into the same trap as his previous victim. However, the woman he killed in a different way. He tied her hands and feet and then open it while she was still alive. He first took his stomach, his intestines and his heart and put it in jars on the shelf. He took the remains of the woman he put his other victim. He went in search of another victim ...
But in this story the killer is me

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