A brief history of america (part i)

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Etienne Coursimault

Program Matrikulasi De La Salle/Manado

February 11th, 2011

Let us remember that we are in the holy presence ofGod…

“Where do…”
“…American people come from?”
…Asia! …& Africa!

Hunters from Asia walked to America around12,000 B.C.

 

In search of large animals to hunt, they walked acrossBering Strait They arrived at the Great Plains They colonize North America

America discovered by European navigators in 1492

Christopher Colombus arrives in America on October 12th,1492 He calls local people “Indians” because he thinks he is in India!

America becomes part of Spain‟s Empire

 

Local people (“Indians”) dominated by European military superiority Manyconflicts, and diseases Spanish looking for gold in America

The Terrible Story of the „New World‟
 

Before colonization: 10 million people, 200 tribes In 1865: only 300,000 remained…

Afterthe Protestant Reformation, England begins to explore America

1587: Spanish military power declining, England begins to explore and colonize America First British “settlements” (=SP inPapua)

Then they were religious conflicts in Great Britain
  

Conflicts between Puritans and Presbyterians Some Puritans left England on a ship, the Mayflower They reached America andestablished a new settlement there

French and Dutch also begin to establish colonies in America

Relationships are not always good with local people

„American Society‟ in the Making
What is anAmerican?

„American Spirit‟ is composed of values of…
  

Entrepreneurship Diversity Religion

(settlers…) (different origins) (believers)

American people believe that anyonecan be successful They are ready to take risk and try new things

The Formation of the USA & The Westward Expansion

A Rebellion Against British Rule
 

1775: 13 colonies begin a...
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