A sheep chase

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A Wild Sheep Chase – Haruki Murakami

I cooked up some reason to take three days off

A crooked smile

Boarding a long-distance train without any luggage gave me a feeling of exhilaration
Make Mental list of
Life has passed her by
Tell tales to a stone wall
There are plenty of people like that kicking around.
That gaze held no hint of any emotion known of me. That man was simplylooking at me. He might have been at the wall behind me, but as I was situated in front of it, the end result was that the man was looking at me.
There is the silence that comes of too few people in too big a space. But this was a different quality of silence. A ponderous, oppressive silence. A silence reminiscent, though it took me a while to put the finger on it, of the silence that hangs around aterminal patient. A silent pregnant with the presentiment of death. The air faintly musty and ominous.

getting something perfect is no substitute for getting it done

Hey man, wanna go to a movie or somethin'?
Nah, I'm spring broke. The cash I took to vegas, stayed in vegas.

feelings of admiration and adoration for so, a nonsexual attraction, usually based on veneration at some level.McDreamy
A guy who appears perfect: good looking and smart and with basically everything a girl could ask for, but who turns out to be a total asshole.
Could either do something which makes him an ass, or the girl realises he's not all he's cracked up to be.
Either way he is a let down.
Stand & Model Bar.
1. Sarcastic gay term for a bar in which the patrons primary concern is finding a wall withthe most dramatic lighting only to pose, sip a drink, all while trying to exude a "look" of mystery and boredom.
2. A bar patronized by "plastic" homogenized women or men. A crowd with lots of veneer and little intellectual substance.
A bad reputation that’s spread by word of mouth. If one bad word gets out, we’re done for.
I have done your partner the favour of informing him that …
Dullwitted alcoholic
Now people can generally be classified into two groups: the mediocre realists and the mediocre dreamers. You clearly belong to the latter. Your fate is and will always be the fate of a dreamer.
Your dreamer’s scenario is delightfully pathetic.
Let us talk about something else
I should like to make one small rejection.
Drain your glass
Crossbreeding with other strains can beeasily checked
No one curious enough to go to all the trouble
I know fuck-all about
Just a while ago, I made reference to your mediocrity. This was by no means a criticism of you. Or to put it more simply, it is because the world itself is so mediocre that you are mediocre as such. Do you net agree?
About that there is no mistake.
In the beginning, the world was chaos, and chaos is not mediocre.When Karl Marx posited the proletariat, he thereby cemented their mediocrity.
The cause is clear. It is a giant blood cyst in his brain. A cyst big enough to distort the very shape of his brain.
How much do you know about neurology ? Next to nothing.
A blockage of circulation causing an irregular swelling.
There is something amiss. Have I said something amiss ?
They were at loss toexplain/for explanation
Everything is buried in history
He had lost all tracks of how much time had passed since entering the room
To dash sleeping patterns to pieces
He had charisma, a solid ideology, powers of speech making to command a passionate response, political savvy, decisiveness, and above all the ability to steer society by using the weaknesses of the masses for leverage.
How canhe organize his ranks behind him.
Look at the way that Hitler took half-baked notions of lebensraum and racial superiority and organized them on a national level.
The path he chose was mare covert, a shadow path. Never out in the open, his was to be a presence that manipulated society from behind the scenes.
Overriding factors
Skirts are getting shorter as weather getting hotter
When the...
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