A streetcar named desire: stella characteristics

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-gentle and kind
-I’m deeply in love with my husband and would do anything for him
-I would also do anything to help my sister
-I am a generous person and try to do many things for others
-I am subservient toward my sister (I let her dominate, she makes me feel weak, I let her take control of every situation)
-I am a quiet person
-I keep to myself and I am not an out-spoken person when it comes to the relationship with my sister.
-Submissive, I do what my sister wants me to do.
-I like to be where my husband is
-I do everything to make my sister feel good

-Accepting of others and their different backgrounds which leads me to meet the man who will one day be my husband.
-likes to help people in need this is why I have offered my sister to live with us and why I want to take care of her.

Establishing relationships
5. ``You seem a little bit nervous or overwrought or something``
When she asks her :``what.`` ``what, stella.`` and her face gets anxious.

6. ``you’ll get along fine together, if you just try not to-well-compare him with men we went out with at home.``
7. ``I can hardly stand it when he’s away for a night. `` ``when he`s away for a week I nearly go wild. ``

8. `` a different species. ``
``But of course there were things to adjust myself to later on.

en relation

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